Marketing Solutions

We get excited when presented with a marketing challenge.

Many of our projects at Ashgrove are born from client needs. Check out a few projects below and contact us to be your Marketing Problem Solvers!


The Functional

Your message sticks with magnet mailers!

Did you know 51.9% of consumers are more likely to read a magnetic postcard than a regular postcard?

Your message gets repeat exposure when hung in homes and offices.

Magnetic postcards also provide an above-average redemption rate: 12-18% redemption for featured products!

They are perfect for targeted events such as grand openings, remodels and new locations. Or, use your magnetic mailer as a new mover program targeted to local zip codes.

The Fun

Customize a Kid’s Club Program Today!

Studies show that kids as young as age three can recognize brands. Build brand loyalty for life by starting a kid’s club using a product like our custom coloring books.

Make it an annual loyalty gift to members.

All content can be customized and vendor sponsorships can help cover costs through coupons, sponsored coloring pages or the back cover advertising space!

Napa Display-1

The Fund Raiser

 Creating a custom campaign is simple!

1. Choose a product that you would like us to brand with your cause. We can even create a completely custom publication such as a calendar or manufactured item with display cases.

2. We will send you a cost for the item and you can then decide what you would like to charge.

3. We will build you a free e-commerce website, featuring your product. This site will allow for pure donations on top of any products purchased as well.

4. We will cut you a check for the profit and donations.

Most fundraising sites take between 5-10% off each donation, but at Ashgrove, we want your donations to go straight to your cause.

Your cause will receive 100% of the funds donated minus the unavoidable third-party payment processing fees to secure payments through PayPal. Currently, PayPal charges 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction.

The Wacky

When we say Ashgrove can help you with brand anything… we mean ANYTHING!